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поставщик запчастей и масел для ФОРД Карго, подбор и поставка деталей для обслуживания грузовиков марки Форд Карго


Ford Cargo Club - No. 1 supplier of original and analog spare parts as well as motor oils for FORD CARGO trucks in Russia.

The company is located in Moscow, has direct supply of parts from manufacturers and delivery services, which allows us to provide high-quality and fast customer service throughout the country at best price.

магазин запчастей форд карго
обслуживание форд карго
оригиналные и аналоговые запчасти форд карго

10 specialists

1000+ corporate clients

65,000+ parts in our warehouses

Our values
складское наличие запчастей для форд карго
полный спектр предлагаемых деталей
документооборот при продаже запчастей для форд карго
замена деталей фордр карго
размещение заказов на запчасти форд карго
сервис форд карго меянется и развивается как и наши сотрудники
Availability and variety of products offered.
Warehouse availability of spare parts for Ford Cargo. We are a multi-brand retailer representing the products of various manufacturers. The range includes original FORD CARGO spare parts and a wide selection of acceptable replacements from different manufacturers of analogues for Ford Cargo.
Comprehensive service.
Supply of all FORD CARGO spare parts. You do not have to go to other stores - we supply everything from wheel nuts to frames. If the part is not currently available at any of our warehouses, we will order and bring it for you directly from the Ford Cargo factory or the factory of analog part manufacturer.
Document flow.
We provide a full package of documents, ranging from Customs declarations for the import of Ford Cargo spare parts, to goods and transport bills.
Our experts will conduct a full consultation on the selection of spare parts for FORD CARGO. Related replacement parts, replacement cycles, quality assurance: Your question - our answer.
Quick service.
We will provide the fastest possible processing of your orders, from placing an application to delivery.
Training and development .
Our employees go through a series of training programs, study relevant materials and work with new technologies.
работа автопарка форд карго
Individual approach.
We are ready to prepare individual working conditions for each client who has Ford Cargo trucks in the fleet.
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