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вопросы о форд карго


Is it possible to return the goods?

Yes, the goods can be returned provided that the packaging is not broken, there are no traces of the installation of the part on the car and less than 14 days have passed from the date of sale.

Is delivery to my city possible?

Yes, the goods can be delivered to any city in Russia. For this, contracts with freight forwarders and transport companies have been made.

Is door-to-door delivery possible?

Yes, the goods can be delivered to a specific address through the carrier.

Can I track my goods on the go?

Yes, just contact us by phone +7 (495) 933-03-30 or send an email to and we will inform you about the location of your cargo.

Can I order from factory if item is out of stock?

Yes, if there is currently no specific part in any of our warehouses, we can bring the part to order.


Yes, you can get a deferred payment. We will prepare for you special conditions, if necessary.

Can I get a price list for spare parts for Ford Cargo?

Unfortunately no. We use price lists of various manufacturers, the information of which is strictly confidential and not subject to disclosure, but we will be happy to advise you at the price of any items.

Is a parts warranty available?

Yes, the warranty is provided in accordance with the law and the terms of the manufacturers of the goods.

I do not know the part number, is it possible to determine the catalog number?

Yes, catalog part number for Ford Cargo can always be identified, even if you do not have part number at hand. In some cases, the chassis number and / or photograph may be required.

Can you recommend a service station for maintenance of FORD CARGO?

Yes, for many years of work, certain service stations were able to prove themselves the best in their field. Depending on your city, we will be able to advise you one or another service.
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